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Good deals now if I can get motivated to get my newly resprung forks back on by the weekend,

I also had to go through the bleeding process a couple of times before getting it right and once you do the bike runs so much better.
Have you changed your fan to the Muzzy alum 6 blade yet - when I did mine this spring, there was 1 melted blade and a 2nd starting to melt.
The Muzzy fan makes a huge diff also in cooling the bike down when hot.

Paul in MD

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> So I finally got around to changing that thermostat and anti-freeze 
> today. I ordered a new Thermostat , radiator cap and O-Ring from 
> a month or so back. Today I removed the lowers and the nose, 
> and in the process changed all the indicator bulbs, I had at least one out. 
> Then I buttoned it all up to find it leaking. This drove me nuts until I 
> finally removed the whole thermostat housing and held it flat in my hand so 
> the thermostat would not shift and drop down, causing a leak at the bottom 
> of the housing. I then tightened the housing halves up with them both laying 
> flat. And viola! No leaks. I ended up using the prestone premixed anti 
> freeze. The bike had green stuff in it already so I'm not worried about it . 
> The premix comes with distilled water to thin the antifreeze. So far so good 
> tonight. I did a short 20+_ mile run earlier to make sure all was well, and 
> it was. Also, if you are doing this make sure you bleed the system as per 
> the service manual. There are three bleeder screws which have to bled in the 
> order of the one under the seat first, the one near the water pump second 
> and the one on the filler neck next. Now (Finally) my fan is coming on and 
> off correctly. 
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