Track skills

Jerry Clair darkclarity2k at
Mon Jul 7 06:54:06 PDT 2008

off camber too!. <turns green around the gills!>
Honestly, is the left hand turns that I think I will high side. Spooks me!
The Right handers I think I will low side but there is room to adjust that
Some time at a track sure would improve a lot of my meager riding skill
despite the fact of riding on and off since '81. Anyone smell squid? LOL

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You need some time on a racetrack, Jerry. Knowing there's a downhill, off-camber, 90 degree right-hander at the end of the straight as you begin to brake from 150 does tend to grow your balls!


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> Nope, I need a set of balls! I had a gob of throttle left.

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