Proton Flush Mount turn signals (verbose)

Jeffrey L. Walker walkerjl at
Thu Jul 10 22:54:15 PDT 2008

So I recently purchased Proton Flush mount turn signals from New Enough.


Results:  Well, I don't have pictures of them, but they look very good.  No
overlap, they perfectly cover the odd, squished oval hole left in the
fairing when you remove the stock turn signals and fit in that recessed area

I was a little skeptical at first of the mounting design, it is just a large
round fender washer clamped down with an 8mm nyloc nut.  But it works well
enough and is tightly mounted.

The wiring was simple enough:  Grey => Orange, Blue => Red, and Black =>
Black.  That is, the black is ground, the blue is the wire for the running
light, and the grey wire is for the turn signal flash.  The Proton actually
has 4 wires (Black, Red, Orange, and Yellow).  If you wanted the turn signal
to flash like a strobe, you'd hook up the yellow wire not the orange.  If
you wanted it to fade in and out, then both the yellow and the orange.  I
just hooked up the orange for normal flash.

I was able to remove the stock lights, disassemble them, wire in the new
turn signals (the kit comes with crimp connectors), wrap and tape it all up
and mount the new lightw without having to remove the fairing.  I clipped
the wires to the old lights about 1 inch from the socket and had lots of
excess wire... the Protons probably come with 2 feet leads attached.  I just
gathered it all up and wrapped it all up to make it a reasonable length.  I
didn't want to cut the leads on the Protons to shorten them in case I had
any issues with them.  I'll probably shorten the wires and do a proper job
with soldered connectors or posi-locs the next time I have to remove the
upper fairing.

I really like them.  I was having problems with my 1/2 cover going over the
stock turn signal stalks, and that problem is now gone.  Also, one of my
running lights was burned out with the stock bulb, and the socket was rusted
so badly that I couldn't get the bulb out to replace it.  As was mentioned
before, they aren't as bright from the front, but still plenty bright enough
I think, especially since I have a headlight modulator and don't rely on the
running lights to be seen from the front as much.  The fairing looks cleaner
now, and I can dream about how the bike is now more aerodynamic with the
what... 8 square inches of cross sectional area I've removed from my wind
drag on the highway :)

OK, so here is my dilemma: The Proton flashes at the normal rate (as
advertised), but sure enough, the rear turn signals and the indicator bulbs
on the speedometer flash at a double fast rate as if a turn signal bulb was
burned out.

I have the wing rack mounted with its integrated turn signals and have no
intention of changing them.  On the one hand I kind of think that the fast
flashing rate may attract the attention of a cager coming up behind me
better, and I certainly notice my flashers are on and don't forget to cancel
them with the fast flash rate on the speedo grabbing my attention.  On the
other hand, I just don't know about having them flash at different rates
like that.  I know I could add resistors to the wire going to the rear turn
signals and fix this... I'm just not sure it is worth the effort.

Hmmmm.... so now I'm thinking about the what... 15 watts of juice I'm saving
by using LEDs on the turn signals... good thing for adding more electric
heat.  Now I'm contemplating adding a Clear Alternatives rear taillight and
saving some more amps.  Anyone here seen or added one of these?

Jeff W.

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