Normal idle speed for the bike and hard starting?

Jeffrey L. Walker walkerjl at
Thu Jul 10 22:20:35 PDT 2008

When fully warm, what is the idle speed supposed to be set at?  I read how
Jeff Marham in Seattle was having problems starting his bike and was
adjusting the idle down from 1250 rpm to start it, then back up to 1250...
that seems too high to me.  It seems to me, mine idles between 900 to 1000
rpm, but I'm going off of memory here.

BTW, Jeff? I mostly always start my bike with the choke on if I've had it
off for anything longer than 10 minutes.  It always starts right up that
way, immediately.  However I do have to quickly dial the choke back down if
the motor is warm.  I've never once flooded it, so don't fear the choke,
you'll crank less with the starter motor and it'll last longer.

Jeff W.

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