Proton Flushmount lights

Jeffrey Walker walkerjl at
Wed Jul 16 00:32:16 PDT 2008

Hey Richie,

I reviewed your video of the Proton flushmount lights again, and have a
question:  With the small 5W Chinese blinking lights on the back, how do you
get them and the indicator lights on the speedometer to blink at the normal
(slow) flash rate with the Protons on the front?  With my Givi wing rack
signals on the rear and the Protons on the front the rear blink at a fast
rate while the Protons blink at the correct rate.


Jeff W.

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Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2008 07:22:30 +0200
From: Ped <pedmail at>
Subject: Re: Proton Flush Mount lights and 1/2 bike covers.
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Ped wrote:

>> The protons were installed rear only I think by one of the European 
>> members, possible Ped.   

> No, sorry - it wasn't me :-)   Can't remember either who it was.

I have the Protons, but front only. Rear I still have a pair of 5W bulb 
Chinese blinkenlights. They look good, but I'd like some more oomph in 
them, they're almost invisible in the sunlight. The Protons are like 
small suns, no one misses them. :-)

> (but it appears that it's down for maintenance)

Yeah, TikiWiki got full of spam and crap and I'm replacing it with 
Drupal. Any day now...

	/ Richie

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