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     Did you check the pilot jet as well? It should be a #135. Check the 
free length of the diaphragm springs. Stock is 4". If they are 3 1/4", then 
they are out of a Dynojet kit and need to be replaced with stock ones. This 
is a known cause of an off-idle hesitation you describe. Last, I would check 
the float heights. Low speed operation is sensitive to this so they need to 
be close to spec, 18-20mm I believe. I'll assume the needles are stock.
     Set the pilot screws to 2 turns out from lightly seated. If the 
diaphragms don't have any holes in them and there are no other vacuum leaks 
(boots bolted tightly to the head, clamps tight around carbs, no open vacuum 
taps for the petcock and KLEEN air valve), it should run with no problems.
     Did it idle OK? Would it hesitate when you blipped the throttle with no 
load? I'm not sure I know what you mean when you say it is loading up with 
fuel. To me that means if you let it idle it would foul itself out and 
eventually quit. Another tip from my experience is once you foul a plug, it 
needs to be replaced. Cleaning it doesn't work and the bike won't run right 
until you put in a new one(s).

So here's a checklist:
110 Main jet
135 Pilot jet
Float height 18-20mm
No holes in diaphragms (hold them up to the light to look for holes)
Pilot screws 2 turns out
Stock diaphragm springs
No vacuum leaks
Good plugs

If all this checks out, you should be good to go.

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I just looked and the main jets are #110 just as the manual specifies...



What I do know for sure is that it is loading up with fuel when I give  > it 
throttle... so much so that it wants to stall.  It does cold and at  > 
operating temp, and both with and without the choke on.> It is stock, 
(airbox, pipes and all) I'm kinda thinking that maybe  > someone jetted it? 
Maybe planning on upgrading exhaust and such?> Any ideas? I'd really like to 
ride this thing!> Thanks!> 
_________________________________________________________________  I think 
you're on the right track with the jetting theory.  Check your  manual, and 
check the carbs, part for part.  Make sure your jets are  correct.  if the 
things have been "upgraded", but the exhaust left stock,  it'd be no wonder 
the bike is bogging down.Also, are the mixture screws set properly?  You 
might want to check this  as well.  The carbs might be dead perfect, save 
for being maybe a  quarter-turn out, or more. Just off the cuff, check your 
ignition pulser-coil pickup, as well.   Sometimes, ignition problems can 
disguise themselves as carburetion  issues, and vice versa.The pickup is 
probably fine (and stock) but it can't hurt. Hope this all helps amigo! 
Spoone in Seattle
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