Rickard Olsson richie at
Tue Jul 22 09:07:19 PDT 2008

William K Denton wrote:

> I'd hate to see the website dissolve into cyberspace.  Maybe you could 
> transfer the html to angelfire.

Or just transfer it to OR ball it all up at My plans for it includes setting up a full Drupal CMS 
( (I actually made sort of a false start here: but just couldn't find time to port all the 
content from the old site myself, so it fizzled).

One of the key features of a CMS like Drupal is that it can support any 
number of editors, contributors and members, giving them pretty easy 
means to add and edit all kinds of stuff.

But, I wouldn't want to risk killing off the list or the existing 
forums... Comments?

     / Richie

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