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Thu Jul 24 07:03:07 PDT 2008

I remember from a while ago reading a post of someone else on a 
motorcycle that had a road debris incident, he said make sure to tell 
them that the debris was moving when you hit it.  You were unable to 
avoid it.  Otherwise it took him the help of a lawyer to get his 
accident damage covered.  Hope that helps!

ben millies wrote:
> Thanks all for the help and Ideas! 
> So, I've got bigger problems as of this morning.... 
> I've been able to put 170 miles on the GPz  since the rebuild and playing with the carbs. I have ridden it to work since Monday this week. It's been great! I have missed riding so much!
> Anyhow, This morning, on the way to work, a car ahead of me on the highway kicks up a small piece of rebar. I didn't think anything of it 'cause I was able to miss it.... or so i thought. 5 miles later I hear a familiar "knock knock" from the engine. I baby it the last mile to work and find the piece of rebar in my oil cooler...wedged perfectly in the plates and knicked a cross tube just enough to cause problems. The dummy oil light never came on. 
> Here we go again! 
> The only redeeming thing about this, is that I was smart enough to get the equivalent of full coverage insurance when I reinstated my policy Monday morning. Hopefully they will cover road debris. I'm still not excited about building it again. 
> Ben

Bob Nelson
Concord, NC

95 GPZ1100
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