rear brake caliper

schnowz schnowz at
Fri Jul 25 04:38:59 PDT 2008

I always use brake fluid as a solvent with either a brass bristle brush or 
toothbrush. As Bill said getting the crap out of the seal groves is the 
hardest and dental toothpicks are good. I'd do that part first as it is the 
most likley section to be beyond repair. It's a bitch to clean up the rest 
to find the grooves are beyond repair.


> This is a question regarding the 1984 Sabre my brother gave me. He said 
> the rear brakes were sticking , but when I removed the caliper I found the 
> pistons to be frozen in place with corrosion on the exposed sections. Now 
> I am not even a good shade tree mechanic so i am not sure what my best 
> option here is. Do I try to free it and clean it up or do I just replace 
> the unit ?  If I try to free it what would be a good method , I have an 
> ultra sonic cleaner at work I can use if that helps. thanks for any 
> advice---bill m----

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