What was I thinking ...

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Fri Jun 6 10:11:49 PDT 2008


They call it sellers remorse (vs buyers remorse).  As far 
as getting the wife used to two bikes, remember it's always 
better to ask forgiveness than ask for permission.  I had 
my wife worked up to where I once had 10 bikes in the 
garage at one time and actually assembled my 73 Kawasaki 
750 triple restoration project in the living room.  The 
wife will get used to it, if not find a new one.  ;-)

Charles S. - Down to three these days
95 GPZ1100
03 WR450F
99 KX250

>I went a few weeks ago and picked up my new KLR 650. I had 
>told the little woman that I would sell the GPZ and that 
>would make up for the new bike.  I cannot get used to not 
>having the GPZ and riding it. I ride it before I ride the 
>KLR.  So I am going to keep it too..  Wifey is NOT happy 
>but I'll sell the KLR before I sell the GPZ.  Has anyone 
>else had GPZ withdrawals after buying a "replacement"?
>Jim - Wish I had bought the bars and bags for the GPZ when 
>I had the chance. So if anyone has a set of LSL bars they 
>want to sell let me know.  

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