What was I thinking ...

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I'll admit I miss Ruby.  The smoothness and the power are lacking in the V 
Strom.  There is no nice roll-on throttle in high gear from 100 kmh (60mph). 
With the GPz it was just roll the throttle and it smoothly ran up to over 
160 kmh (100 mph) while passing 2 cars.  The V Strom will do it but it feels 
like the pistons are going to jump out of the cylinders.  Drop it down a 
gear or 2 and than stand on it comes on like gang busters--but I'm a lazy 
fucker and all that shifting tires me out.  Maybe I'm ready for one of those 
650 Burgmans or a Rascal.  I do like paying 1/2 the insurance premium for 
the Suzuki vs the Kawi.  Its a black listed bike in Canada.
As Charles says about keeping both bikes.  I think I said something about 
selling both the GPz and my 1970 Triumph Trophy.  She mentioned something 
the other day about maybe the Triumph would sell better if your lowered the 
price.  I just nodded.  There was a bunch of screaming and other language 
that an old school marm shouldn't really know.  I said she got 50% and 
that's a passing grade.  That was good until yesterday when we were in the 
other cottage garage, picking up some of her stuff for a yard sale and she 
spied the 1969 Triumph 250 in the darkness in a back corner.  Where did that 
come from????  Hope she doesn't go checking through old barns near Mickburg 
as there is a 1978 Kawasaki 900 in one of them.
 Well I'd best go get a hernia and install the 9.9 Honda on the tin boat. 
Nasty little motor to move.  Every part is round so there are no good 
griping points and the thing weighs 50kg (105 lb) - 10 lb more than my 20 HP 
Merc- 40 lb more than my Evinrude 9.5.  Plus you can't trip it this way or 
that as the oil will leak out of it. But it runs very clean and will give me 
about 15 miles/gallon which is excellent for a boat motor.

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> Getting back on the GPZ after riding the KLR for a while reminds me of all 
> the reasons I bought it in the first place and what a really good 
> all-around bike it is. The extra 200 lbs. is quite noticable but does have 
> it's advantages in high speed stability. It's still the smoothest bike 
> I've ever ridden. I guess when you retire and are really, really old, it's 
> not that comfortable anymore but I've got a ways to go before either one. 
> Hang on to it, it's a keeper.
> Steve - who is finally getting the Daytona parts back from the painter 
> tomorrow just in time to go to Mid-Ohio for his first track day since "the 
> accident".
> ---- David Hall <dhall308 at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> I went a few weeks ago and picked up my new KLR 650. I had told the 
>> little woman that I would sell the&nbsp; GPZ and that would make up for 
>> the new bike.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I cannot get used to not having the GPZ 
>> and riding it. I ride it before I ride the KLR. &nbsp; So I am going to 
>> keep it too..&nbsp; Wifey is NOT happy but I'll sell the KLR before I 
>> sell the GPZ.&nbsp; Has anyone else had GPZ withdrawals after buying a 
>> "replacement"?
>> &nbsp;
>> Jim - Wish I had bought the bars and bags for the GPZ when I had the 
>> chance. So if anyone has a set of LSL bars they want to sell let me 
>> know.&nbsp;
>> &nbsp;
>> David

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