Sprocker Selection

scapco at ecentral.com scapco at ecentral.com
Wed Jun 11 10:17:23 PDT 2008

Thinking about Steve's comment yesterday about going bigger 
on the front for his trip to Ohio got me thinking (rare and 
frightning).  For the first time, I'm using my GPZ to 
commute to work two or three times a week since I drive 33 
miles each way.  I've always liked being two teeth bigger 
on the rear for the extra power and shorter wheelbase, but 
with the price of gas, the extra mileage driving to work 
would be welcome.  Looks like it's time to swap the rear 
sprocket out for the old 45 tooth rear for a while.

BTW, got my new Autocom system yesterday (Thanks Art for 
the recommendation), and I'm looking forward to trying it 
out this weekend.

Charles S.

> Here is an online Sprocket calculator for the GPZ.
> http://www.gpz1100.com/sprockets.html
> Dave B
>> OK , I promise to take off the string of emails when I 
>> reply in the future  :O) ...... I am curious if any one 
>> has changed the front sprocket to decrease RPM,s at 
>> cruising speed and if so by what amount and
>> how did it affect the overal performance of their GPZ?
>> David

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