petcock replacement?

scapco at scapco at
Tue Jun 10 14:02:04 PDT 2008


The petcock from a ZX-11 will fit IIRC.  You would need to 
cut the inlet pipes to the same height as the ones on the 
GPZ or the reserve would be different.

I think some of the old KZ's used dogleg levers, but I'm 
not sure shich ones offhand.

Charles S.

>Here's a question that's probably been posted here a 
>zillion times already, but here it is again: my '95s 
>petcock needs a new diaphragm. Instead of just rebuilding 
>the stoopid thing, is there an old fashioned
>MANUAL petcock that will fit the Geeper? 
>And while I'm at it...again, does anyone know what 
>aftermarket fancy "dog leg" levers will work on the GPz? 
>The guys at Pazzo et al have no clue. 
>There must be some old man out there beside me with a bum 
>hand that has trouble with the brutal clutch pull on the 
GPz. No?  
> Thanx,
> -Steve in Colorado

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