major scrw-up

David Beard davidebeard at
Thu Jun 12 05:10:22 PDT 2008


    I've got a spare bank of carbs in the garage, plus I have another 
cannibalized set as well. If you don't want to go the JB Weld route, let 
me know. I can either sell you the good bank of carbs for $80 plus 
shipping cost, or I'll sell you the cannibalized set which has four carb 
bodies and float bowls for $30 plus shipping. The cannibalized set will 
be missing miscellaneous parts (ie...a couple float valves, diaphragm 
springs etc) but the carb bodies should be intact and of use, though are 
pretty dirty.

Dave B

steven.jones at wrote:
> Thanks much Charles for the info on the ZX-11 petcock.
> But that's the least of my worries now. 
> I had the tank off because I pulled the carbs to put in a much needed
> Dyno Jet kit. 
> I got in a hurry, whipped out the drill to remove the plugs covering the
> fuel screws...and then did the most idiotic, moronic, retarded
> bone-headed thing I've done in years. Yes, I miss-interpreted the
> drawing and drilled out one of the brass "things" in the carb body
> instead of the pilot jet EPA plugs. GD *&*(^*%%me!!!
> Of course, these brass plugs are pressed into the carb body and aren't
> something you can just buy (as far as I can determine) and a new carb
> body is $500+.
> When everyone is finished laughing, maybe someone has some advice
> (besides get out the credit card and bend over). 
> Press the plug back in the hole and plug the hole I drilled with JB
> Weld? 
> Is there some aftermarket place that sells these things? It would help
> if I knew what it's called and what it's for. The guys at the Fey Meyers
> (big dealer in Denver) didn't know. 
> I guess it's true, carburetor is French for "don't f*^# with it".
> -Steve the nit-wit in Colorado

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