need a little help with Hondas

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Fri Jun 13 14:12:26 PDT 2008

<<I've got a couple of old Honda 250s 1975 XL and a 1983 XLR.  After sitting
for a month or more the clutch plates on the '75 stick together.  As long as
I remember this it isn't too much of a problem.  The bikes are in a garage
on a hill so I just have to remember to start coasting down the hill before
I shift into first.  They usually free up when I hit 2nd gear hard or hit
3rd.  The bike does not see 100 miles a season, so I only change the oil
every 2nd year.  The '83 is the opposite.  The clutch doesnot seem to
release completely and it slips around 6000rpm. I have a gallon of Valvoline
Synpower 100% synthetic oil I was going to try in these.  Do any of you know
if this stuff is compatible with motorcycle clutches?  Or suggest any other
fixes.  Maybe sell the '83 to Buerhle.>>

So they are both Honda's? The best advice I can give you is find an empty 
dumpster and push...

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