Hondas both alive & kicking

The Masons masonjs at
Tue Jun 17 15:43:20 PDT 2008

Sorry to disapoint you Ralph but I put a new clutch cable on the '84 and it 
will catwalk down a gravel road now.  I just ran the shit out of the 75 and 
the clutch plates broke free in 2nd gear.  Changed the oil in both to 
Valvoline Synpower 10-40. Neither have probably been treated this well in 
their existance.
Looking at buying a used pontoon boat as a barge to move building material 
to the cabin on the island.  I'd buy one for a party barge but the water 
cops are geting too serious around here.  I'll run them through the islands 
and the rapids with the Yamaha Wave Runner but a pontoon boat is like using 
a loaded dump truck as a gettaway vehicle.
Any of you guys want to take a nice rustic vacation on a 100 acre island on 
the Ottawa river?


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