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Jim Thornton jimthornton1975 at
Fri Jun 27 13:14:14 PDT 2008

hello everyone on the gpz list!
i finally got around to reading through all the bumph and managed to post something.
i'm the very proud owner of a uk 1996 GPZ1100 (e1 model) prior to this i'd always owned twins with an upright seating position, but from the minute i opened the throttle sat on the GPZ i had a new love! 
i'd bought it relitively cheaply from a mate who'd been using it as his winter hack (tuono owners... honestly...) and proudly set about it with the spanners, polishing kit and touch-up paints.
after a week i was ready to go show it off, so i set off for a biker's meet about 30 miles from where i live, only on it's maiden voyage, i managed to hit a deer at whistling speeds... how the hell i stayed on i don't know, but i did. upside= i'm fine, downside=bike fairings smashed into glitter size bits of plastic, blood on my leathers, and a small attack of the shakes...
anyways, the reason i happened upon your forum is i'm researching the bodywork on my bike, I.E alternatives. i've scoured the breakers, evil-bay and most second hand markets and cannot find any fairings to fit, pattern parts don't seem to be made for the model, and there wasn't a whole load of that particular model shipped to the UK. 
A lot of parts from the ZR1100 are listed as the same, and a few other models share many components, i'm wondering if there's a model out there that (with some jiggery-pokery) could be a donor for my fairings?
also there's the streetfighter option... anyone done a fighter with this model? i'd love to see pictures if so. 
much love

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