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Fri Jun 27 14:08:21 PDT 2008

Sorry to hear about your deer encounter, Jim. Pity another loverly
black Geep is in pain. No, there are no other bikes that share
bodywork. A lot of the engine bits and front suspension, and wheels
are common to a couple of models, with minor differences. Several
people have streetfightered their GPzs, some with great aesthetic
success. Personally, I think a simple round headlight would look just
fine (sort of like the "naked" ZRX1100 model that we didn't get in the
states). The bike doesn't look too bad without the lower fairings,
actually. There are several options for handlebar conversions if you
choose to go that route.

Good luck in your search!

On 6/27/08, Jim Thornton <jimthornton1975 at hotmail.com> wrote:
>, i'm wondering if there's a model out there that (with some jiggery-pokery) could be a donor for my fairings?
> also there's the streetfighter option... anyone done a fighter with this model? i'd love to see pictures if so.
Utah Jeff
'96 SheePz1100

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