Thermstat change

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Mon Jun 30 16:24:28 PDT 2008

    So I finally got around to changing that thermostat and anti-freeze 
today. I ordered a new Thermostat , radiator cap and O-Ring from a month or so back. Today I removed the lowers and the nose, 
and in the process changed all the indicator bulbs, I had at least one out. 
Then I buttoned it all up to find it leaking. This drove me nuts until I 
finally removed the whole thermostat housing and held it flat in my hand so 
the thermostat would not shift and drop down, causing a leak at the bottom 
of the housing. I then tightened the housing halves up with them both laying 
flat. And viola! No leaks. I ended up using the prestone premixed anti 
freeze. The bike had green stuff in it already so I'm not worried about it . 
The premix comes with distilled water to thin the antifreeze. So far so good 
tonight. I did a short 20+_ mile run earlier to make sure all was well, and 
it was. Also, if you are doing this make sure you bleed the system as per 
the service manual. There are three bleeder screws which have to bled in the 
order of the one under the seat first, the one near the water pump second 
and the one on the filler neck next. Now (Finally) my fan is coming on and 
off correctly.

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