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Yea let me know when and where.  BTW, like I was telling Paul Heim, Rte #423 
is a good road, but Rte #447 from Marshal's Creek to Newfoundland is a GREAT 
road.  The best section is from Analomink north to Newfoundland.  To get to 
it from Rte #940 go east to Mt. Pocono.  Continue on Rte #940 down the hill 
towards Devil's Hole until 940 turns into Rte #191 in Paradise Valley. 
Follow Rte #191 through Henryville and be on the lookout for a two arch 
viaduct train overpass.  About 100 yards after you pass through the arch, 
make a hard left onto Rte #447.  Enjoy the next 20 miles most heartily with 
my good wishes!  OTOH, if you're feeling in the mood, continue north onto 
rte #507 towards Lake Wallenpaupak and then turn right onto Rte #390 and 
head south again through Promised Land State Park and eventually back to 
Canadensis where it meets up with Rte #447.  A really nice 60 mile loop 
starting and ending at the viaduct.

Bill in Yardley, PA
wkdenton at

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thanks for the info Bill. I've rented a nice lake home on Rt 940. I'm 
planning a weekend ride to tour Pa. one stop will be Bills Old Bike Barn , 
have you heard of it and/or visited it ?  I'm also planning a group ride to 
the last covered bridge in NJ then a stop in Frenchtown maybe we can meet up 
in Frenchtown.   ---bill m---

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