Tank question - possible problem

Jerry Clair darkclarity2k at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 4 07:32:29 PST 2008

Charles, is it a faster red tank also?

scapco at ecentral.com wrote: Jerry is correct.  The difference is the Kalifornia tank 
has three vent hoses vs one on the standard tank.  If yours 
is a Kalifornia tank you need to leave the two outside 
vents open and plug the middle one.  If you don't plug the 
middle one, gas will come out when the tank is full.  BTDT.

Wish I knew you needed a tank, I've got a brand new one in 
my soon to be ex's basement that I need to sell off along 
with the rest of my parts stash.

Charles S.

>I think the difference is venting. Let's see what the 
>others say.
>Philip Hamm 
>Hello, I just resubscribed to the GPZ list after my home 
>email somehow lost it.
>Anyways, I just bought a dented red gas tank on ebay to 
>replace my rusting out one.  If you search for recently 
>closed items you can see it, there's a small dent in the 
>front of the tank and some scratches, it's a fast
>red one.
>I just remembered - the California models have a slightly 
>different tank - my bike is not a California bike.  There 
>was no mention on the auction as to whether the tank was a 
>California one or not, but it's shipping from California.  
Any insight from the wise GPZ listers?
> -Phil
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