Tank question - possible problem

scapco at ecentral.com scapco at ecentral.com
Tue Mar 4 07:47:44 PST 2008

Yes, it is.  It has a slightly bent right front edge and a 
little chipped red paint in the same place from shipping.  
This would not show once it's installed, otherwise it's 
perfect.  Story behind the tank is that I owned this tank 
10 years ago as a replacement for mine, but found it was 
damaged in shipping and was returned to Koups for another.  
7 years later, I found a tank on ebay and bought it, turned 
out to be the same tank except the seller lied and didn't 
say it was damaged.  It even still had my name on the 
side.  Also have a NOS red front fender.

Charles S.

>Charles, is it a faster red tank also?
>scapco at ecentral.com wrote: Jerry is correct.  The 
>difference is the Kalifornia tank 
>has three vent hoses vs one on the standard tank.  If 
>yours is a Kalifornia tank you need to leave the two 
>outside vents open and plug the middle one.  If you don't 
>plug the middle one, gas will come out when the tank is 
>full.  BTDT.
>Wish I knew you needed a tank, I've got a brand new one in 
>my soon to be ex's basement that I need to sell off along 
>with the rest of my parts stash.
>Charles S.

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