John Wilkins jswilks at
Wed Mar 5 17:49:31 PST 2008

Well, we've finally and absolutely decided to sell the GPz.

It's a '96 "black" one with ~26K miles on it.  It has brand new MEz4s front
and rear and was just fully serviced by the dealer from whom I originally
bought it.

I'd appreciate any leads you all may have.

Price is 2000.00 and I'll toss in two Joe Rocket Ballistic jackets and a few
extra parts as well as the Ventura bike pack system with two barely used

The Ducati is amazing and I really don't need two bikes - besides, the NEW
wife says I can't have two bikes...actually, we agreed that I don't need two

Anyway, I just posted it to Craig's list at 2000.00 but will sell to GPz
Lister or friend of lister for 1750.00.

John in San Francisco. 

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