First ride of the year!

Julian Solomensky jsolo at
Wed Mar 12 17:50:35 PDT 2008

I too had my first (second actually) ride of the year on 3-11.  It started out as a balmy 39F, reaching a high of 47F.

I had many layers on, and stayed relatively warm except for my finger.  I'll have a set of grip heaters installed in a few weeks once it really warms up outside (no heat in the garage).  The ceebaily eurocut windshield did a great job of keeping most of the cold off of me ( ).  Picked that up used too.

The corbin seat is definitely a keeper.  Seating position fore/aft is great.  It does lower you some (1" or so?), so for the shorter people it's a plus.  For me, I rather it either be same height as stock or maybe even 1" higher (im 6').  Anyways, had to readjust the shifter angle to a more comfortable level.

The trunk is a welcome change from having to have the saddle bags on all the time.  On the GPZ, I only had one givi 36L trunk for 95% of the time.  It suit the purpose well, and gave me plenty of room to stow my stuff.  The shad bag is a bit bigger at 46L, so more space for more junk :)

They're promising upper 40's tomorrow, so might get a chance to do another ride this week.

The bike runs great, fired right up on the first try, settling at a nice 1500 rpm.  Fuel economy still sucks, so one of these days I'll upload a custom economy map to the PC3.   Speed is deceptive as ever - 4500 rpm in top gear will put you way over the speed limit :), yet feels like you're doing 55.

Out here in chicago, aside from the idiot drivers, the largest hazards are poor roads.  We got potholes here the size of craters that will literally swallow up a wheel whole.  This however makes for a much interesting ride treating the road as a slalom course.  Can't wait for destruction season to begin.

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