First ride of the year!

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Wed Mar 12 16:02:50 PDT 2008

Good hear on the 1st ride of the year.
Luckily I never put her away fully - we had plenty of instant warm days this winter and I just couldn't pass them up.
Rode into work today with the new JCW topcase on and it was pretty nice to not have the backpack weight on my shoulders.
Everybody else in the cold zones - don't worry, spring and 50+ deg days are coming soon

Paul S. Elsberry 
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> Believe me, we've had more than our share of snow this year. I haven't 
> been able to ride since about November. First time in about 10 years. 
> it SUCKED. 
> On 3/12/08, Robinson, Art (ON15) wrote: 
> > If I had a long enough range gun I'd shoot you. We've got snow piled up 10 ft 
> high here and I'll bet Mr. Jim Mason has even more 
> -- 
> Utah Jeff 
> '96 SheePz1100 

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