heated grips

schnowz schnowz at localnet.com
Thu Mar 13 16:36:18 PDT 2008

    It depends how cold a temp you want to ride in and wether it's backroads 
or freeway..
If you only want to go down to freezing the Widder vest and gloves are 
sufficient when dressed right. Balaclava etc
If you want to ride down to the teens I would go with Gerbings (higher 
I've never had grips, but from all reports they are not as good as gloves, 
but on the upside you never have to worry about carrying stuff. So if you're 
only riding in moderate, cold the grips would probably be OK.
I have both Widder and Gerbing heated gear and can't understand why guys 
that live in the colder parts of the country don't have heated gear. After 
you get it, you'll kick yourself for not having bought it earlier. With 
these gas prices it'll soon pay for itself. If you regularly ride below 
freezing you may need heated socks or footpads. I think Widder still has a 
satisfaction guaranteed policy or you money back or at least used to. One 
bad thing about the Gerbing gloves is it's a PIA to get the connectors 
tucked in out of your way.
  I run the Gerbing vest and gloves and heated footpads and have a 100 watt 
bulb without any charging problem. If you spend a lot of time sitting in 
traffic, it may be a problem, but it would have to be quite a while and you 
always have the oportunity to dial it back as you can easily overheat when 
stopped for too long. The only thing you will have to worry about is the 
salt eating your bike away..but if that has to happen, I'd rather it eat a 
11 year old bike than a brand spanking new one..

  Pete Staniforth

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> I would like to add some "heat" to my bike (95)
> Would like some grips.......... suggestions?  size?
> Heated vest ... suggestions ?
> Is the electrical output enough for both?
> Thanks

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