headlight rewiring with relay

schnowz schnowz at localnet.com
Thu Mar 13 17:09:50 PDT 2008

  Bill, I added a relay,  but not to make the headlight brighter. I was too 
lazy to do it right and simply used the headlight wire coming out of the 
junction box as a signal (coil) wire for the new relay and then hooked the 
contact side from the battery downstream in the wiring harness. This does 
not take the load off the dimmer switch but it takes the load off the 
ignition switch and the brown connector under the tank which are the weakest 
points in the GPZ electrical system.

B) As Julian said one of the existing headlight relays is so you don't draw 
current from the battery for the headlight while cranking, so as to give the 
starter the extra umphh. Older bikes simply did this with extra contacts in 
the starter switch itself.
  You're right about the misprint - the main schematic shows it as a 
ignition fuse, which feeds the igniter among other things.

  Pete Staniforth

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> Hi all,
> I'm thinking about rewiring the headlamp circuit on the '96 GPz1100 with
> heavy gauge wire and a SPDT relay to improve lighting performance and 
> leave
> the door open for increasing the wattage w/o worrying about melting wires.
> Just wondering:
> A) anyone has already done this?... and
> B) can anyone shed light on the circuitous path that the electricity makes
> through the OEM headlamp circuit in the shop manual?  I'm not sure I fully
> understand the reason behind all the components in the circuit (i.e. the
> headlight relay in the junction box "plus" the separate headlight relay
> unit; both shown on pp15-43 in the shop manual schematic, lower drawing). 
> I
> also think there may be a misprint in the schematic, as there's nothing in
> the junction box connecting to the BR/W wire coming out of it.

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