EBC Rotors and tolerances

Jeffrey L. Walker walkerjl at charter.net
Thu Mar 13 22:14:04 PDT 2008

The rotors are not plated; they should be stainless steel through and
through.  They are also forged (definitely not cast).  If they were plated,
the plating would flake off.

There is no harm that can come from sanding.  It is a very hard, tempered
steel, and the sand paper isn't going to do anything more to them that the
friction of the brake pads would!

Not properly bedding in new pads can be a problem, and I have seen where
resanding the pad surfaces and rotors can help, following by rebedding the
pads in. 


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IMHO I would not have sanded the rotor.  These are not cast iron (I'm pretty
sure) and you might have polished off the stainless plating.


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