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If you want to lightly sand the discs or any other flat surface and don't 
want to risk sanding too much in one place.  Take your sheet of sanding 
media and glue it to a piece of window glass.  Secure the glass to a table 
top.  Place the item to be sanded on the sand/emery paper, jeweller's cloth 
and move it back and forth with your hands.  Only move it in one direction. 
If you check after rubbing the part on the sanding media all the sanding 
scratches will run the same direction.  Any places that don't show sanding 
marks are low spots and you'll have to sand down to them.
You use this same method when sanding/polishing a surface with increasingly 
finer grades of paper.  When you change to the next grade of paper, turn the 
item being polished 90 degrees so the new sanding marks remove the old ones 
and you can see when you are done.

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> The rotors are not plated; they should be stainless steel through and
> through.  They are also forged (definitely not cast).  If they were 
> plated,
> the plating would flake off.
> There is no harm that can come from sanding.  It is a very hard, tempered
> steel, and the sand paper isn't going to do anything more to them that the
> friction of the brake pads would!
> Not properly bedding in new pads can be a problem, and I have seen where
> resanding the pad surfaces and rotors can help, following by rebedding the
> pads in.
> Jeff
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> IMHO I would not have sanded the rotor.  These are not cast iron (I'm 
> pretty
> sure) and you might have polished off the stainless plating.
> John

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