KLR 650 question

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Guys on the forums say they'll go 60k to 90k miles reliably depending on use. Sounds like there's a lot of life left in that one, Jim.


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> 32K miles on a KLR means it is just about broken in.  These are totally
> bullet proof bikes to everything except actual AK-47 rounds.  There are a
> couple of recommended fixes done over the years, but that '99 wouldn't be
> impacted I don't think.  Mine was an '89, and I rode it absolutely
> EVERYWHERE until I discovered sport bikes 6 years ago.  I sold mine about 4
> years ago and wish I hadn't.  
> I rode mine to Baja Mexico from Seattle and back, and from Columbus GA to
> the Florida Keys and back, and to Clarksville TN and back, and to Texas and
> back, etc, as well as my daily for my daily commute.
> Here in Washington I loaded it down with gear and took it fishing in the
> North Cascades just about every other weekend on some really rough roads.
> Great bike.
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> Do any of you know the life expectancy of one of these bikes.  There is a 
> '99 30 miles away for $1500.00.  It has 54000 km (32,000 miles) all highway.
> Jim

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