KLR 650 question

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Unfortunately I bought a rifle and didn't have $1500.00 handy.  I am limited 
to $500.00/day with the ATM card (safety feature).  I had to wait until 
10:00 am until the bank opened so I could get a lousy $100.00.  When I got 
to Braeside the KLR was heading away in the south end of a north bound 
dodge.  Then the seller told me he would have held it knowing I had a 
$1400.00 down payment on $1500.00.    It would have been nice to get that 
one at the price just to see how I liked it and either up grade later or 
dump it without any loss of $ depending on my like or dislike.  Spring is 
supposed to be coming. The 2 meters ( 6') of snow on my front lawn tells me 
different. There will be more KLRs coming up for sale.
It may be a while before the Gpz comes out.  There is a snow drift 3 meters 
(9') high in front of the garage door at the cottage where the bike is 
stored and the joker that plowed out the neighbors driveway across the road 
pushed all the snow into the cottage driveway.  That pile is 4 meters (12') 
high and hard packed.  The pile of snow and the 200 meter driveway would 
make a great toboggan run if it wasn't for the cottage and large trees at 
the bottom of the hill.

Jim (who is smiling because he just watched his wife go off to work--and he 
is retired)
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> Guys on the forums say they'll go 60k to 90k miles reliably depending on 
> use. Sounds like there's a lot of life left in that one, Jim.
> Steve
> ---- "Jeffrey L. Walker" <walkerjl at charter.net> wrote:
>> 32K miles on a KLR means it is just about broken in.  These are totally
>> bullet proof bikes to everything except actual AK-47 rounds.  There are a
>> couple of recommended fixes done over the years, but that '99 wouldn't be
>> impacted I don't think.  Mine was an '89, and I rode it absolutely
>> EVERYWHERE until I discovered sport bikes 6 years ago.  I sold mine about 
>> 4
>> years ago and wish I hadn't.
>> I rode mine to Baja Mexico from Seattle and back, and from Columbus GA to
>> the Florida Keys and back, and to Clarksville TN and back, and to Texas 
>> and
>> back, etc, as well as my daily for my daily commute.
>> Here in Washington I loaded it down with gear and took it fishing in the
>> North Cascades just about every other weekend on some really rough roads.
>> Great bike.
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>> Do any of you know the life expectancy of one of these bikes.  There is a
>> '99 30 miles away for $1500.00.  It has 54000 km (32,000 miles) all 
>> highway.
>> Jim

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