The HIPAA Recreational Injury Technical Correction Act

The Masons masonjs at
Thu Mar 20 06:09:54 PDT 2008

This the basic bullshit reason they give us in Ontario why our motorcycle 
insurance is so high on the organ donor I am riding.  Its $882.75 this year 
for public liability & passenger hazard only---the bike has no coverage at 
all.  A new 1000 V strom with every thing but collision or upset is $475.00. 
I can only ride 6 months of the year.  Hell!! the insurance on my Tacoma is 
2/3 of the bike and it has total coverage 3 million liability $100.00 
deductible comprehensive and collision.
You'd be smart to fight this as the insurance companies will have a field 
day with it.
And Rob--Please let me know if this does become law, as I'd like to invest 
the last of my Rubles in your insurance firms.

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>I just took action on this issue and thought you might find it interesting
> too.  If you live in the States, let 'er rip!
> -Rob

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