Cable Lube..

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Sun Mar 30 18:10:20 PDT 2008

I use white lithium grease for lots of stuff.  It's very thin and I'm going 
to start using it on all of my cables.  Good idea!

Paul in Ohio
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> I would have Ralph, was at 2 MC dealerships yesterday.
> The Honda dealer uses the Honda Brand White Lithium grease, ?? (expensive
> for what it is!?).
> The Yamaha dealer is just getting the shop set up and did not have any 
> yet.
> The 2 Auto parts places did not have cable lube, but did have the other
> products I mentioned.
> It should be simple I know..  But...
> Paul W. Landry
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> Paul by the cable lube they sell. That's what I did. Any bike shop should
> have it.
> Ralph L. Angelo Jr.

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