schnowz schnowz at
Mon Mar 31 16:00:58 PDT 2008

Being as my cables have never been lubed, I guess i should do mine.
How easy is it to get it back in the twist grip/Choke lever? Anything I need 
to know? Do you do one or both ends?

 Pete S

> I need to lubricate the throttle, choke cables on the GPz..   What 
> products
> are listers using?
> Finally remembered to purchase the clamp on cable lubing tool to make this
> easy.  Every year I think about this on Sunday when the bike is in pieces 
> an
> no shops are open so I have had to use tinfoil funnels, gravity and 
> 10W-40..
> Worked Ok but way too slow.
> Now that I have the nice speed little tool, what are people using to do 
> the
> job of lubricating the cables. 

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