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Sun May 11 19:47:43 PDT 2008

Don't forget to LUBE the head bearings also..
Did mine yesterday and changed the fork oil ...43k miles since last time and 
some of the oil was still green..much better than the crap I took out last 
  Now if I could only get rid of the shake on the front end. I think it's 
partially coming from a scalloped tire on the front and also being out of 
balance. This was a used rim and for some reason I can never completely get 
rid of the shake even though I always take extra care balancing it. I can't 
see any runout but sunptin ain't quite right..

   Pete Staniforth

> If the upper tubes are straight, the size of the clamping area in the 
> triple
> clamps pretty much self-aligns them. I bounce it up and down a couple 
> times
> before tightening the axle to make sure the lowers are aligned as best 
> they
> can. Now's your opportunity to slide the tubes up about 1/4" to help with
> the GPZ's slow steering. Before putting the front wheel and fairing back 
> on
> is also the best time for a real good adjustment on the steering head
> bearings. It's real easy to "feel" any roughness or play in the bearings.
> Steve in Western NY
> '96 GPZ1100
> '02 Daytona 955i 

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