the '08 bug collection has started

The Masons masonjs at
Wed May 14 17:17:10 PDT 2008

Well its one of those moments you're glad no one saw you but then realize 
you would have been glad to share it with a couple of million people to gain 
the top prize on Americas Funniest home videos.  I've had a couple of others 
that would have paid off previous mortgages.
I bet there is not one among you that can deny this if you've lived to be at 
least 4.

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> Sounds like fun, Jim... I'd have paid 5 bucks to have been there to
> see the sink blow sludge in your face. LOL! :D
> On 5/14/08, The Masons <masonjs at> wrote:
>  I had to stop at a creek, river or lake every 100 km to wash
>> the bugs off my visor.
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> Utah Jeff
> '96 SheePz1100

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