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Thu May 15 10:07:47 PDT 2008

While I can't say I've had Jim's painful experience, LOL, I 
had one a notch above yours Jeff.

About 1 dozen years ago in the middle of winter I noticed 
my 66 Chevy pickup wasn't running very well.  I headed down 
the side street revving the crap out of it trying to figure 
out what was wrong.  All of a sudden something akin to a 
bang happened and it would hardly run at all.  My "educated 
guess" was that with well over 100K on the motor that the 
timing chain jumped the sprocket.  Lost a motor in my 70 
Hurst Olds this way once.  So, I got it home and into the 
garage and while freezing my ass off tore the whole front 
end off the engine and replaced the timing chain with a 
cool new double roller timing chain.  Got everything all 
buttoned up, jumped in and...  exactly the same as before.  
I cussed, yelled, you name it.  It sat for a few days 
before I bothered to look at it again, and discovered.. the 
wire from the condenser to the distributor had simply 
fallen off.  I reinstalled it in two minutes and it ran 
fine.  All that work for nothing, or at least very little 
as it did run better with a chain that didn't have so much 
slack in it.

Charles S.

>Oh, I've had plenty of 'moments.' One of the best was when 
>I couldn't seem to open the fuel cap door on my new car, 
>no matter how hard or how many times I pulled up on the 
>release tab by the driver's seat. Bitched and moaned and 
>finally pried open the fuel door with a surveyor's stake 
>(I was way out of gas and late for work). Totally
>destroyed my fuel door, fueled up, then noticed... "why is 
>the trunk open".
>Took another look at the fuel door release... pull UP to 
>pop the trunk, push DOWN to pop the fuel door.
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>I bet there is not one among you that can deny this if 
>you've lived to be at least 4.
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