Svc manual question and crank bearing question...

ben millies ben_millies at
Sun May 25 22:18:41 PDT 2008

I'm having a heck of a time finding a service manual for our bikes. Does anyone have a good link or p/n so I can purchase one? (I need torque specs for putting my engine back together...:) )
I was finally able to tear down the engine and found that my #3 rod bearing spun... hopefully I can save the crank and rod.... I'm sending it out to the machine shop tomorrow or tuesday... wish me luck. 
 I was looking at new bearings to order and they are all color coded i.e. blue, black, white or brown. Am I correct in assuming that the colors are for different sizes? if so, Which are which? I'm sure that I'll need an undersize bearing set for this #3 crank journal if available...  any thoughts? anyone been down this road before and have any tips or tricks? 
Thanks again, 
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