thank you for the help and another question.

ben millies ben_millies at
Tue May 27 15:33:08 PDT 2008

Thanks Paul for the response. I ended up getting one from Julian here on the list. 
I talked to the machinist today and he seems to think that he can save the crank but the rod is 
too far gone. Does anyone have a good used rod that they want to part with? $110ish bucks for a 
rod seems a little steep to me.  
--Forwarded Message Attachment--From: SuprHtr at columbus.rr.comTo: gpzlist at micapeak.comDate: Mon, 26 May 2008 21:38:06 -0400Subject: Re: Svc manual question and crank bearing question...You can search Ebay (that's where I got mine) or go to the Kawasaki website. They still sell a GPz service manual: This link is to a 1995 manual from Kawasaki. Browse around the site if you need a 1996 manual. Paul in Ohio ----- Original Message ----- From: "ben millies" <ben_millies at>To: <gpzlist at>Sent: Monday, May 26, 2008 1:18 AMSubject: Svc manual question and crank bearing question... I'm having a heck of a time finding a service manual for our bikes. Does anyone have a good link or p/n so I can purchase one? (I need torque specs for putting my engine back together...:) ) I was finally able to tear down the engine and found that my #3 rod bearing spun... hopefully I can save the crank and rod.... I'm sending it out to the machine shop tomorrow or tuesday... wish me luck. I was looking at new bearings to order and they are all color coded i.e. blue, black, white or brown. Am I correct in assuming that the colors are for different sizes? if so, Which are which? I'm sure that I'll need an undersize bearing set for this #3 crank journal if available... any thoughts? anyone been down this road before and have any tips or tricks? Thanks again, Ben
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