How did You learn to Ride?

blackbear at blackbear at
Wed May 28 07:56:36 PDT 2008

Turned 18 and some a$$hole stole both my 10-speed bicycles.
My uncle knew of a fairly inexpensive enduro for sale, and offered to  
teach me to ride.
My first bike.  1976 Suzuki SP 370 Enduro.  6-speed tranny, could  
BARELY hit 50 MPH.
He showed me the basics of how to ride/shift/etc, and let me practice  
on the back country road near his house (back then you only had to be  
within a mile of a licensed rider, and he didn't have to be on a bike).

After a few weeks of playing around, I took the DMV test and passed.

Rode for a summer before the baffles blew out of the muffler and I  
parked it (was worried about the constant LEO attention).

Went through college (twice, actually) and it wasn't until the GPZ  
that I had a chance to get another bike.  That's  LOOOONG hiatus from  
riding, and I was so paranoid about it...but the Geeper is a very  
forgiving mount as long as you obey the one cardinal rule the salesman  
gave me.  "make sure you're upright before you stop"

Michael in Holley NY

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