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I hear what your saying chuck, My 1st thoughts were a blown head gasket when
I saw the white smoke. However after the 2nd event it was permanent from
start up and more a grey than white smoke and there was no overheating or
loss of coolant. The decider for me was the collection of wet oil and carbon
build up around the valve stems in the no3 & 4 exhaust ports but that could
also confirm the other option I hadn't been a ware of. In that the leak
emanated from the clean air system.


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  Good job, sounds like you're a wrench addict, glad things worked out for 
you, but I do wonder how a valve seal could be intermittant the way you 
describe. In my experience valve seals will cause  blue smoke at startup as 
oil that has pooled around the stems gets sucked in at startup. White smoke 
is normally water, not oil, but I realize some guys use funny oil in there 

  Pete S

---- shampson <shampson at> wrote:
> My blue Gpz has been off the road this past month due to one job leading 
> to
> another to another.
> Initially I thought I had a major problem. Whilst on a day trip my brother
> in law told me I was smoking after a blast down a motorway but it seemed 
> to
> clear up during the ride. A week later another blast down a motorway and 
> the
> smoking reappears. A white cloud viewed through the rear view mirrors
> following me down the road. Though performance did not seem to be impaired
> at all.
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