Back on the Road and warm startup problems

schnowz schnowz at
Mon Nov 10 16:42:17 PST 2008

   OK Steve, Sounds logical.

   I on the other hand have the warm start up problem that was recently 
mentioned on the list. It's been getting gradually worse. Stopped for gas on 
the way home tonight and couldn't get it started. I take of my gear, luggage 
and seat and pull out my multimeter. Hook it on the battery - (Hard to hold 
on the +ve , ground (earth)  and hit the starter all at once). The bike 
starts before I can check the voltage on cranking. Rats... Put my gear 
luggage and seat back on. Hit the starter again  - she no starts.. WTF..
Pull all the crap off again and repeat. This time it still doesn't start and 
I'm able to get a reading of 12.6v dropping to 10.1V on cranking. For most 
systems this is still good enough, but not for the Geeper. Luckily theres a 
Auto Parts Store nearby so I 'm able to get a jump and she starts right up.
    One of the tip offs for a battery that's on the way out is that when you 
crank it cold, it won't start as you crank but as soon as you let off the 
button she fires as the voltage surges back to 12v and the engine is still 
spinnin from the inertia.
  I'll order another battery and hope that's all it is, as it has also been 
running a little rough recently.

  Pete Staniforth
   Fingers crossed

> I hear what your saying chuck, My 1st thoughts were a blown head gasket 
> when
> I saw the white smoke. However after the 2nd event it was permanent from
> start up and more a grey than white smoke and there was no overheating or
> loss of coolant. The decider for me was the collection of wet oil and 
> carbon
> build up around the valve stems in the no3 & 4 exhaust ports but that 
> could
> also confirm the other option I hadn't been a ware of. In that the leak
> emanated from the clean air system.
> Steve

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