GPZ - "hot hands"

john leonard jlmdx at
Tue Nov 11 10:34:37 PST 2008

I'm getting my bike ready for the winter riding by installing "hot hands" on the GPZ (e.g. Ebay 200264746894).
They are designed to connect directly to the battery terminals, but I'd much rather have an ignition switched source of power.  For now, I've connected them to the accessory lead in the tail section of the GPZ, but that source is always powered.  Does anyone know a lead wire in the tail/fuse box that would be safe to use?   
I'd prefer not to use the headlight or ignition circuits in case the hot hands short out.  I tested the horn circuit but it seems to also be live *coming out of fuse box* even without the key installed.
These things work very well.  They claim to use about 1.3AMPS. They get the hands real warm.  My biggest concern is that I leave them switched on or someone else turns them on and kills my battery.
thanks, john
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