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Paul Landry p_landry at
Thu Nov 13 16:42:26 PST 2008

It is official, my riding season is now over.  
The bike is parked in the corner of the garage, oil drained, carbs drained,
gas tank full (with stabil), tire pressures reduced (propped up to get both
tires off the ground) and kept juiced with a Battery Tender Jr.
After the stories of failed petcocks during storage, I have removed both
lines from the tank and plugged them, just in case.

Have been meaning to comment on the 2" Handle Bar Risers our buddy Dave
Daniels designed, had mfg'd and shipped. 
I had this whole last season using them and in short..  "I LIKE IT!"  
I was dubious as I finished last season with the bars back in the stock
position after removing the GENMAR's and found this a good position and
comfortable for me.  Preparing the bike this spring the new risers were
installed with the new brake lines and I have not looked back.  Easy install
(with the required longer brake line).  Puts me in a great position on the
bike.  If there is a "down" side to these it would only be that it makes the
limits of the stock saddle more obvious.  Been planning to address that
anyway, now just more motivated!..  ;-D

This winter I want to prepare a little more for the 09 riding season and
order a few parts ahead and not get "caught" as I have the past two summers.
I want to get new head gaskets, petcock gasket kit, and maybe a few other
items like plugs, etc.
What are the "recommended" internet "" sites?  I need outfits that
ship to Canada or better yet, are located in Canada to save the duty
crossing the border.
Paul W. Landry
P_Landry at

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