POP goes the GPZ - details.

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Sat Nov 15 21:50:54 PST 2008

 Sorry to here that Phil..
I'd pull the timing cover and spark plugs and use a socket to turn the 
crank. If it turns freely do a compression test - just make sure you have a 
decent battery and don't forget to open the throttle fully. I say this 
because I fooked up doing one on mine today - I forgot to open the throttle 
at first. Duh...Weird thing is one cylinder only came up a few psi - could 
be a air leak?? though spraying the inlet has not shown it. Any other ideas? 
maybe carb sync or worn valve seals?
  The final results are the two center cylinders are down about 10 psi since 
I last did them. 86,000 miles ago (2004).
Outer two haven't changed.
  There was a engine on E Bay a couple of weeks back, but it may have gone 
by now.. GPZ's are so cheap, I'm not sure if I would  go to the trouble of 
putting in a new engine if the bike is high miles. - If the bike is low 
miles (less than 50K miles) and otherwise good condition it's probably worth 
it, if you are still happy with the stead.

   Pete Staniforth

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> OK so here's the rest of the story.  After the fuel petcock disaster (an 
> unfortunately common problem with the GPZ),
> I rode the bike home, about 12 miles.  That was two or three weeks ago.
> This morning I get on the bike to go to work.  Bike starts up a little 
> funny, one cylinder fires, then the others come in.  I've witnessed this 
> happening on ZX-11 motors and other inline 4s before so I'm not concerned.
> I ride about 5 miles in regular traffic, then as I'm slowing down for a 
> stop light -POP- it sounded like the front tire had popped, the sound came 
> from below and in front of me.   I pulled the clutch and pulled over to 
> find that the oil light was on and the engine was dead, front tire was 
> fine.  Pressing the starter gave me -click-click-click-click- but the 
> battery is strong, it's fresh.  That told me the engine was not cranking. 
> Called my wife, got home, got the bike towed.  I just got back from the 
> shop, when I went to get the bike with the truck, hitting the starter 
> actually resulted in a slow cranking sound (no grinding or blender 
> noises).  So at least the starter is turning something.
> I'd be willing to entertain ideas.  I think the engine is shot. 

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