Red '95 >>> Street Rod ??

John Soliday johnsoliday at
Sat Oct 4 09:03:47 PDT 2008

You can borrow my .357, just make sure it's a clean kill ;-)

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Scaps is already in Colorado, has cool guns, and hates Harleys...

Chuck Driscoll

"...a root word of technology, techne, originally meant 'art.' 
The ancient Greeks never separated art from manufacture in their minds, and
so never developed separate words for them."
- Robert M. Pirsig, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

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> ..just shoot me in the head while I'm sleeping if I ever
> start
> talking about owning a Harley as I'm obviously not in
> my right mind or need
> to be put out of my misery."  
> It'll take me a couple days to get there........choose
> your caliber.
> Steve in Western NY
> '96 GPZ1100
> '08 KLR 650
> "You Can't Fix Stupid", Ron White


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