Red '95 >>> Street Rod ??

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Sat Oct 4 13:38:07 PDT 2008

It's OK, as my unscientific pole on the 65 mile ride home is thus:

1.  People in cages look at the Street Rod and give you thumbs up usually.
2.  People riding conventional Harley's i.e. air cooled twins, ignore you or
simply look disgusted.
3.  Riders on sport bikes usually wave and give you a thumbs up.

Therefore I claim the VRSCR is a non-Harley.  Can I still be a club member?



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hahahaha is this said with or without reference to your tag
line..........................................and besides you would never
know the reason if we did it whilst you slept.   ok just kidding but for me
it's not the product but a certain percentage of people who own them.

> ..just shoot me in the head while I'm sleeping if I ever start
> talking about owning a Harley as I'm obviously not in my right mind or
> to be put out of my misery."  It'll take me a couple days to get 
> there........choose your caliber.
> Steve in Western NY
> '96 GPZ1100
> '08 KLR 650
> "You Can't Fix Stupid", Ron White


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