Red '95 >>> Street Rod ??

Paul Landry p_landry at
Sat Oct 4 14:05:34 PDT 2008

Yep!..   You can certainly stay..  Anyone riding a two wheeler and having
fun doing so qualifies by my standards..  ;-)
But..  Everything has a cost..  
Reports on what you ride (opinions, observations, pro's & con's) required.
Magazines are great but info from your peers is often much better as we live
with the choices for years and not the weekend experience of a journalist.

Funny you say this..  I have noticed the same thing, "true" HD owners have
little or no respect for the V-Rod, less for the Buell or any other 2
wheeler.  Even the dealerships often stick the few V-Rods they have in a
distant dark corner and here in BC (Canada, eh!..) the Buell's have to be in
a separate building!..  Charles would have seen this at the Trev Deeley
dealership in Vancouver on his trip.
Paul W. Landry
P_Landry at

From: John Soliday [mailto:johnsoliday at] 

It's OK, as my unscientific pole on the 65 mile ride home is thus:

1.  People in cages look at the Street Rod and give you thumbs up usually.
2.  People riding conventional Harley's i.e. air cooled twins, ignore you or
simply look disgusted.
3.  Riders on sport bikes usually wave and give you a thumbs up.

Therefore I claim the VRSCR is a non-Harley.  Can I still be a club member?




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