Red '95 >>> Street Rod ??

The Masons masonjs at
Sat Oct 4 14:13:42 PDT 2008

> It's OK, as my unscientific pole on the 65 mile ride home is thus:
> 1.  People in cages look at the Street Rod and give you thumbs up usually.
> 2.  People riding conventional Harley's i.e. air cooled twins, ignore you 
> or
> simply look disgusted.
> 3.  Riders on sport bikes usually wave and give you a thumbs up.
> Therefore I claim the VRSCR is a non-Harley.  Can I still be a club 
> member?
> Cheers,
> John
You may be on to something.  The last time HD made something that turned off 
the HD guys and didn't warm the hearts of the sport bikers was their 1000cc 
Cafe Racer.  Didn't sell for shit went pretty fair for its day----but its 
one of the most valuable late model collector items for serious HD collector 
guys at the moment.
Had a chance to buy one cheap and turned it down because the Siamesed 
exhaust was cracked.


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