Red '95 >>> Street Rod ??

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I wonder why the finish would be poor?  In general I figure that one reason
Harley's are so expensive is the great paint, chrome, etc.  I'm very
impressed with the finish on my VRSCR.  On one more HD note I wonder how
long HD can continue to get waivers from the EPA to sell the air cooled
engines.  They have been getting a break for at least five years if I recall
correctly and my gut feel is the V rod mill will be the main HD engine in
all bikes soon in order to pass EPA rules and regs.  Opinions?

John (still have that 95 GPZ and may keep it if I don't get any takers)

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Following the harley thread. Your bike journalists and a few letter writers
appear to be up in arms about the new Xr1200 only being available in Europe
and not in the USA. They are aggrieved at not being able to get their hands
on possibly the best bike harley have built in a long time. However the
reality in somewhat different. The bike was well received by the Euro bike
press when first announced by harley but their opinions change once they got
their hand on them. Far to heavy, handling a bit lardy, performance a bit
wanting and the finish of the components is appalling bad. Most however
agree that for a first attempt and shouldered with an aging engine design
its quite a good first attempt. Opinion was its probably not going to
attract the sport bike, sport tourer rider but may well attract the older
rider who may be hovering between a naked bike or a cruiser. 

My opinion for what its worth, is that it's a great looking bike and would
be better without the twin exhaust. However I could'nt live with the short
tank range and bad finish over here where a winter would turn it into a heap
of rust.

Have any of you guys read any reports on it, or formed any opinions. At the
very least you may get a nod from a harley rider in the future.


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Yep!..   You can certainly stay..  Anyone riding a two wheeler and having
fun doing so qualifies by my standards..  ;-)
But..  Everything has a cost..  
Reports on what you ride (opinions, observations, pro's & con's) required.
Magazines are great but info from your peers is often much better as we live
with the choices for years and not the weekend experience of a journalist.

Funny you say this..  I have noticed the same thing, "true" HD owners have
little or no respect for the V-Rod, less for the Buell or any other 2
wheeler.  Even the dealerships often stick the few V-Rods they have in a
distant dark corner and here in BC (Canada, eh!..) the Buell's have to be in
a separate building!..  Charles would have seen this at the Trev Deeley
dealership in Vancouver on his trip.
Paul W. Landry
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From: John Soliday [mailto:johnsoliday at] 

It's OK, as my unscientific pole on the 65 mile ride home is thus:

1.  People in cages look at the Street Rod and give you thumbs up usually.
2.  People riding conventional Harley's i.e. air cooled twins, ignore you or
simply look disgusted.
3.  Riders on sport bikes usually wave and give you a thumbs up.

Therefore I claim the VRSCR is a non-Harley.  Can I still be a club member?



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